Volunteer github guru for documentation submissions?

Monte Goulding monte at appisle.net
Wed Apr 13 23:57:19 EDT 2016

> In the LC Dictionary you notice an error
> There is an Edit button to click on
> It retrieves the appropriate lcdoc file from the correct GitHub Branch

So here you could be opening a lcdoc file that is different to the one you noticed an error on which could be confusing but probably isn’t a deal breaker.

> It opens in a separate stack - an lcdoc Editor
> It opens in default WYSIWYG mode.

That sounds complicated. Some kind of split screen would be significantly simpler to implement and docs contributors really need to understand the lcdoc format because if there is an issue with a PR the comments will be against lcdoc lines which raises the point that such a system will need to allow you to go back and edit your changes further.

> You have a Submit button
> It creates the GitHub PR for you.

So we are missing some steps at the start here where you setup your clone and account on GitHub, a local repository is setup pointing to your clone and the upstream livecode repo and the GH account and api privileges are setup correctly but if that’s all done right then the GitHub API will allow this.

This can all be done as a plugin I think although I’m not sure if it is easy to determine which doc is currently being viewed in the dictionary.



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