Volunteer github guru for documentation submissions?

Kay C Lan lan.kc.macmail at gmail.com
Wed Apr 13 19:53:16 EDT 2016

On Thu, Apr 14, 2016 at 6:13 AM, Monte Goulding <monte at appisle.net> wrote:

> I’ve thought about this and yes it would be feasible to do however there
> are two things we know exist:
>  - good git gui’s - I like and often use SourceTree which is available for
> Windows and Mac
>  - good text editors - I use Atom these days
> ....
> In the end I think our community will benefit from not creating our own
> thing to hide ourselves from using tools that almost everyone else on other
> platforms are using.

You could say exactly the same thing about LiveCode users. Why hide
ourselves from C or C++, they exist and 'almost' everyone else is using

The fact is a git gui is a realisation that a gui is a better way to
interact with git than the command line. Yes some people like the command
line but plenty don't. SourceTree is not the only git gui in town, there
are many many others; if someone one was to make an LC Doc Git Gui, it
would just be another in an ever growing number of attempts to make git

And as I think you've realised, if we go down the git gui & text editor
path, now you have the trouble of writing Guides to support that. So it's
SourceTree, what about the Linux users, will there be a completely
different set of Guides for them and their gui? What if my preferred tool
is Eclipse which is both a text editor with a Git Gui interface extension?
Which team member is going to support those who choose a different tool set

Now I tend to agree that spending time creating a LC Doc Git Interface may
not be time well spent; so given that many here are Objective-C adverse and
Gitphobic,  we know that the web interface works, and for noobs, means we
are all in the same boat - give or take browser differences - I can see
that it's the time LEAST spent by the Team to tweak the Web Guide and
support Web interaction for Doc ONLY contributions.

I can appreciate, for those who aren't adverse the many flavours of C and
wish to contribute to the Engine, the you'll already have your favourite
text editor and probably should be looking at a good Git Gui.

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