Bugs in 8.0.0 RC1 and trying to convince a colleague that LC is *not* flaky

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Wed Apr 13 18:18:19 EDT 2016

I know these are not show stoppers, but I suspect that bugs 15963 and 15964 will
both be present in the final 8.0.0 build, whenever that may be.

I understand that everyone has their favourite problem that needs fixing. And I
understand that the LiveCode team has worked, and is working very hard, but I
have a problem named Steve.

Steve, (a programming colleague) to whom I sing the praises of LiveCode to,
knows of these bugs. Unfortunately, I expect that when I ask him to give
LiveCode another try, when version 8.0.X has a "stable" release, the following
will happen.

He is going to download it. Open the script editor and search for some text that
doesn't exist and turn to me with a big grin and say, "Ha! This issue still
exists. You want me to have confidence in a tool when a command in the IDE can
be so easily broken?"

I love LiveCode and can live with an irritation like this. (And if you are
thinking, why are you searching for text that doesn't exist, it is quite easy to
accidentally do when refactoring code with many Script Editor tabs open.)

But for Steve, it makes him think that LiveCode is flaky.

Scott McDonald
"Components, Controls, Tools and Resources for LiveCode"

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