Design Challenge -- Round Corner mask on images

RM richmondmathewson at
Sun Apr 3 08:25:03 EDT 2016

On 3.04.2016 00:02, Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami wrote:
> RM: Your "why bother"  assumes a) we work in teams of one in solitude or something like that. OR b) you have experienced talented "workers" in image process.
> In a distributed work environment,  the options to pre-process images prior to getting them into LiveCode is often zero. So...when the only resources you have are square, ordinary images, having such a library in Livecode can be hugely helpful... add to that, the use case may be multiple images over many cards ( or set for whatever purpose), making an LC library/process that can loop, way, way more efficient than doing these in GIMP of Photoshop, unless you want to go through the headached of setting up and recording actions etc.
> I have in house app functions where, sure, we could do the same thing in another X, Y, Z application, but certainly not with the same efficiency and certainly not by someone with zero skill set in applications X,Y,Z.
> I have volunteers to work on sets of 3000 + images with Livecode where the idea of "why bother, you can do this in GIMP/Photoshop"  verges on madness (smile).

Well: Bonkers or not, I am on holiday for the next 4 days so I shall TRY 
(note caveat) to implement a happy "corner-round-er-er"
in a Livecode stack to keep your volunteers from going any more bonkers 
than they already are to volunteer to work on such
socking great sets of images.

Watch this space:                                     : end of the space 
to be watched.


> On April 2, 2016 at 5:44:11 AM, Alejandro Tejada (capellan2000 at<mailto:capellan2000 at>) wrote:
> RM wrote
>> Why bother? Frankly the process is no more difficult using
>> GIMP: or
>> Photoshop:
>> and there are quite a few other image editing software packages
>> available that can do that job as well.
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