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Sat Apr 2 13:44:23 EDT 2016

Hi Richmond,

>>>>> ...
>>>> reading the thread may help! 8-)
>>> I read the thread.  The method in my stack can just as easily be used with a string that is going into a datagrid.
>> yep, but that really has nothing to do with the problem discussed in the thread.
> I answered the chap's first post: he stated that "The problem is how to keep the whole contents in one field so that
> the returns don't cause it to go to the next Description field.“

yep, but the CRs had been in his database records and not (yet) in Livecode!
So he did not understand the real problem at that point.

> So, if the returns are stripped out of the textString that SHOULD solve the problem mentioned in that quote.
> It is possible that everything follows from the fact that the chap was not removing the returns effectively.

Whatever, I am really tired of explaining the actual problem!

> Richmond.



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