PDF text extraction?

RM richmondmathewson at gmail.com
Sat Apr 2 11:06:17 EDT 2016

I see that Supercard, in their 4.8 Beta have introduced these:

rtfToText - extracts text from an RTF or RTFD file

pdfToText - extracts text from a PDF file

docToText - extracts text from a Microsoft Word file

docxToText - extracts text from a Microsoft Word XML file

htmlToText - extracts text from an HTML file

webarchiveToText - extracts text from a WebArchive file


However, as I have just joined the Supercard Forum [for the only reason 
to get a copy of the Beta]
this will take a few days to come through.

Richard Gaskin should not have to wait:


Of course, as Supercard is Macintosh only I suspect
these features are leveraging Mac-only features; although they
do look very UNIX/Linux like in their naming method.


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