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Richard and Matt:
I think the salient points are the various ways of getting behaviors to instantiate properly. There have been a number of ideas that all seem to work. So what I suggest, is that a brief description of each strategy (1-2 sentences) and a bit of sample code (where appropriate) like the sample that Ali provided. The long discussions about message paths, etc should be shortened to “just the beef”. The code snippets that demo the “working” way to implement the strategy would then make sure folks understood how to make it work.

> On Apr 1, 2016, at 3:04 PM, Richard Gaskin <ambassador at> wrote:
> Matt Maier wrote:
>> I never suggested you write it.
> The word "you" threw me off.  Thanks for the clarification.
>> I objected to you advising the mailing list not to include this
>> discussion in the Dictionary because it would start down a slippery
>> slope towards "too big."
> This discussion is many pages long and involves a wide range of keywords and concepts, begging the question:  What should be written, and where?
> Many here have expressed the opinion that something should be added somewhere, but so far only two have offered specific suggestions, and they differ from one another.
> In both of those cases (and more than a few others) I've very explicitly encouraged them to contribute their additions to the docs - once more in case it was missed:
>    As I've noted here before, this blog post offers some helpful
>    guidance for community members to get started contributing to
>    the documentation to make it more of they want:
>    <>
> My "Yes" was indeed a "Yes, and.." with the "and" being to please be mindful of the different types of documentation people use, and the intended audience and scope for each.
> Specifically, I wrote:  "Go for it, but please be brief in Dictionary entries."
> Hardly seems the stuff of wholesale discouragement.
> And all the while the core question remains outstanding with no submission to the docs: What should be written, and where?
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