All Your Stacks Backups Are Belong to us

Alejandro Tejada capellan2000 at
Fri Apr 1 11:11:28 EDT 2016

Did anyone still remember the origin of the subject of this message?
How often do you backup your personal memories? :)

Yesterday, Richard Gaskin posted a reminder about World Backup Day:

Just for curiosity, How many of you keep an organized backup of your
personal collection of LC, REV, MC, HC stacks? Do you mind to share a text
list of your collection that includes a MD5 digest of each title?

Recently, a missing floppy disk in a book that I bought, make me thinks
about the real value of storing our knowledge for future generations.

Book authors have given authorization to request this floppy disk from
anyone who still keeps a functioning copy. Stuart Hirshfield wrote: "Given
that the text and associated materials are long since out of print, you have
our permission to request them in whatever form you wish..."

Now, we are looking in Libraries around the world and asking CS Teacher for
a working copy of this 22 years old floppy disk included with the book:
The Analytical Engine: An Introduction to Computer Science Using Hypercard

Please, check your own Stacks collection. Maybe you have these files stored
in a really old Macintosh backup from the 90's. 

Searching online catalogs, I found that many Public and University Libraries
have a copy of this book. If you are near one of these libraries, please
verify if their copy of this book still includes a floppy disk or call your
Librarian asking about it.

Could you help us in this search?
Many, many thanks in advance!


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