What's everyone working on this month? (September 2015 edition)

Peter TB Brett peter.brett at livecode.com
Mon Sep 28 14:09:15 EDT 2015

Hi all,

I'm really interested to hear about what you're working on at the 
moment.  The community always seems to have a huge, exciting and varied 
range of projects going on, and it's great to hear how people are using 
LiveCode for work, for hobbies, for learning or for play!

I'll start:

1. I've been working on the HTML5 engine.  For the last couple of weeks, 
I've been focussed on getting LiveCode Builder (i.e. widgets) working in 
HTML5, and it's been an often rather frustrating business, because it's 
really hard to debug asm.js code running in the browser!  Every time I 
think I've nailed the last bug, another one jumps out of the woodwork.  
However, I'm feeling hopeful that by the time of the Global Jam next 
week, everyone will be able to use widgets in the browser.  And after 
that, commercial HTML5...

2. I've added a new test framework to the repository that lets us write 
script-only test stacks and run them automatically for every proposed 
change.  Now I need to get contributors to write tests!

What have you been working on?


Dr Peter Brett <peter.brett at livecode.com>
LiveCode Open Source Team

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