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Mark Waddingham mark at
Thu Sep 24 09:52:31 EDT 2015

On 2015-09-24 15:47, Bruce Humphrey wrote:
> Speaking as a noob but longtime hypercarder and now a new-minted Indy
> contributor I have a couple of thoughts:
> I haven't come across a web-based page where all of us can interact to
> propose/respond to new feature ideas. A description and priority
> assignment for said feature(s), which can then be affirmed/rated by
> others, would be a good lead-in to the existing New Feature Exchange.
> This would provide a forum for specifying and ranking features, which
> could then be promoted to the Exchange as appropriate. I've seen great
> ideas on this group but no avenues to see anyone As examples:

We've been discussing this internally and have some ideas for a 
discussion type board with voting and such. We're still working on the 
details of such a thing :)

> 1. Feature: semi-transparent graphic creation, with graduated opacity,
> to allow masking/mixing of graphic elements.

Well, you can do this to a certain degree. The graphic object can be 
used to make vector objects consisting of multiple sub-paths; and then 
you can make semi transparent graduate opacity by setting a gradient 
fill. You can then do masking by using appropriate inks (blend modes) - 
not the easiest thing to do, admittedly, but it is at least possible at 
the moment.

> 2. Upgrade: the icon/graphic libraries in LC are embarrassing. Not
> being a graphic artist I find having such elements available go a long
> way toward interface presentability. We need LC to include reasonable
> (not amateurish) icon/graphic libraries, as well as convenient ways to
> add to them (perhaps through 3rd party) and less convoluted ways for
> used graphics to include with builds.

Yes - I can't disagree here - our icon library is old and could do with 
some love!

> 3. Startup prebuilds which I can select from main menu New Stack
> options which set screen presets (size/color, etc) depending on my
> intended destination build (iOS, etc).

This is something we've added in LC8 - the 'New Stack' menu now has 
options with the common device sizes which you might want to create.

> Any of this reasonable or am I too new and not seeing what is already 
> out there?

All reasonable, and indeed some already available / on its way. Always 
good to suggest / ask :)


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