Why "Objects are only deleted on idle"?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Wed Sep 23 14:22:32 EDT 2015

Scott Rossi wrote:
 > I have a property editor that builds/positions its editing controls
 > dynamically, based on some simple rules.  When a new object is
 > selected, the editing controls for the recent object are removed and
 > replaced with editing controls for the newly selected object.  Using
 > this process, I don't have to lay out hardwired screens for every
 > existing or future control that might come along.  Depending on how
 > long the editing session is, the editor could go wind up creating and
 > deleting hundreds or even thousands of controls.  So in this case,
 > many objects are created that are not intended to be saved.

Thanks.  Along with Mark Waddingham's examples I can see the benefit.

But as for your case, do those newly-created controls get created in a 
stack that ever gets saved?

Call me paranoid (I've been called worse), but with a finite number of 
IDs (2 billion?) when we consider the impact on ID availability of a 
layout that has a couple DataGrids on it, along with other stuff that 
creates thousands of controls, over the life span of a project it seems 
not unthinkable that we might hit the ID limit.

I once tested what happens when the ID limit is hit.  It's not pretty.

Has there been any interest in having that number raised?

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