Text Flow

James Hale james at thehales.id.au
Wed Sep 16 04:25:31 EDT 2015

One way is to have a hidden field the dimensions you want. Put the text into this field first and then get the pageranges of this field. It will return a list of character ranges, one per line, for each field (of the hidden field's size) required.
So the number of lines will tell you how many fields, the character ranges, what to put into them.
E.g. (Watch for line wraps)
        Put mytext into field "hidden"
        Put the pageRanges of field "hidden" into tranges
        Put the number of lines of tranges into requiredFields
        --put the code to make or display the requisite number of fields here..
        --I have assumed fields are called "display1", "display2", etc
       Repeat with fnum = 1 to requiredFields
       Put item 1 of line fnum of tranges into tstart
       Put item 2 of line fnum of tranges into tend
       Put char (tstart) to (tend) of mytext into field ("display"&fnum)
      Next repeat


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