Release 6.7.7 RC 4 / 7.1.0 RC 3

Richmond richmondmathewson at
Fri Sep 11 14:08:50 EDT 2015

Owing to mucking up my Linux system (Xubuntu 15.04, 64-bit) a few weeks
ago, mainly to my trying to be too clever for my own good, I ended up with
my erstwhile /Home/ partition being on a partition my system does not 
as /Home/: the end result is that the partition my system currently 
recognises as
/Home/ is comparatively small (40 GB) compared with my old partition 
(900 GB).

So, I decided to do a number of things:

1. Chucked out all Community installs prior to the 7.0.0 series.

2. Install the more recent versions (7+ and 8+) on the 900 GB partition 
using the
*Custom* option, followed by the *you only* option.

Having had some '/odd/' experiences with that sort with versions prior 
to the 7+ series
I have been pleasantly surprised to find that all of these releases have 
installed on
my 900 GB partition inside a folder called 'Revolution' with absolutely 
no problems at all.


I am happily using the last *Mac PPC* release over on my G5 iMac, and 
the current 7+ series
on the Linux box.

As the next 2 weeks are going to be very busy indeed as my language 
school cranks up to speed
I, unfortunately will not have a chance to "get down and dirty" with the 
8+ series until somewhere near the
start of October.

I do hope, as I mentioned earlier, that at that point I can add a few 
notes to the documentation.

I will also be returning to my *Devawriter Pro* as it had had a year in 
the fridge, and am seriously considering
converting it to *Open Source* using the 7+ series, although that will 
involve a lot of recoding because of the Unicode stuff
(although that should be capable of being automated).

I *apologise* if I have "put people's backs out recently", I do seem 
rather good at saying something that I believe is
important but it ends up coming out the wrong way . . . .


Having, successfully, taught quite a few kids some level of programming 
with LiveCode 7+ over the summer I will
be advertising 2 levels of LiveCode courses from sometime in October: a 
beginner's course, and a continuation
course for any of those who attended during the summer who might wish to 
attend. We shall see what the uptake
is, if any.

Those courses will continue using the 7+ series, and any book that comes 
out of it will stick with the 7+ series.
I will release both stacks I use for training on my dedicated *Facebook* 
page ( and
draft chapters of any book I write in the same way. People who feel 
"funny" about *Facebook* only have to contact me off
list to get hold of the information.

As the actual stacks are stored on my *DropBox* hidey-hole, anyone can 
download them without getting their feet wet in Facebook.

Any questions relating to those stacks should be addressed to me off 
list: all the stacks are *FREE* to download and do-what-you-will-with,
although I won't say '*No*' to any attribution.


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