AW: Installer maker window keeps blank on OS X

Tiemo Hollmann TB toolbook at
Tue Sep 1 14:54:13 CEST 2015

I am still completely puzzled, what is going on that Mac. I have never seen
such a behavior. The first window of the installer program just keeps empty,
no control/button is shown, neither the text field, which usually is there.
I am almost sure, that it is any wired thing on the customers Mac, but the
customer, as always swears, that all other programs could be installed and
run without any problem, so it must be my crappy program.

Has anybody ever seen such a behavior on a Mac or any idea, what to check
for on that Mac, before I refund the price for my not working program to
that customer? I have no idea in which direction I could investigate.

Thanks for any ideas

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I am packaging my OS X program with installer maker and codesign it. It
works fine at all customers beside of one.

Now a customer with OS X 10.9.5 tells me that she opens my installer and he
gets only a blank white window. The window has my text in the title bar, but
not text or any buttons like cancel or next in the window, so she can't go
on to install my program, only close it by the red cross.


I have checked, if it has anything to do with the security settings (install
apps only from.), but nothing changes in the weird behavior of the
installer, changing the security setting. The user has admin rights.


Has anybody ever seen such a behavior, perhaps with any other program or any
idea, what to check for on this machine? What could go wrong here?


Thanks for any ideas




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