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Fri Oct 30 10:53:20 EDT 2015

A correction. Like we had to for such nonsense as salt causes high blood pressure, or cholesterol is bad for you. It all makes sense... until someone actually does the science or research.

But really, that paragraph about people not doing the research is a bit too much. You can't expect everyone to research every thing everyone says on a daily basis. In fact if you think about it, well into the hight 90 percentile of what we take for fact is actually taken on faith. I've never been to Spain, but I am sure it exists. But I believe it because enough trustworthy people say they have been there and can attest to it.

What is really remarkable is that you can have 11 people attest to a fact so adamantly that they let themselves be tortured to death rather than recant, and most people will refuse to believe it. I guess we are of a nature that we choose to believe as it pleases us, not necessarily based upon real truth.

Bob S

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I have mixed feelings about this news...
An opportunity or a problem?


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