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Mark Wieder wrote:

> On 10/29/2015 07:37 PM, Richard Gaskin wrote:
>> ....coming to the Android pane of the LC Standalone Builder in 2017:
>> Google is merging Chrome OS and Android
>>     ...Chrome is essentially being folded into Android,
>>     because Android has emerged as the dominant operating
>>     system by quite a long stretch. Combining the two
>>     operating systems means setting up Android to run on
>>     laptops and desktop computers, which would require
>>     big changes, as well as supporting the Google Play
>>     Store. Chromebooks will reportedly receive a new name
>>     to reflect the new OS.
>>     ...
>> <>
> Translation:
> Hey... nobody's buying these things... what should we do?
> Let's make them big cellphone gadgets, minus the phone part.

Au contraire, mon ami, Chromebooks are pretty popular:

    NPD: Chromebooks outsell Windows laptops
    For businesses, tablets are on the decline and laptops
    are rising once again. And Chromebooks aren't just for
    consumers looking for cheap laptops.

But fast as they're selling, Android sells even more - this article goes 
into more of the backstory behind the decision:

    Why Google Tapped Android Over Chrome as Its Marquee OS

It's good news for us. Chromebooks were out of reach for LiveCoders, 
except for maybe with the HTML5 option when it's shipping.  But now with 
this we'll be able to make native apps for all Android device types from 
phones to tablets to laptops.

I just wish Apple would hurry up and announce the merger of OS X and iOS....

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