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On 10/26/2015 08:13 AM, Bob Sneidar wrote:
> A few notes about GLX2. There are no red dot breakpoints in GLX2 (unless I am missing something).

If you have PowerDebug installed you can right-click on a line to toggle 
a soft breakpoint there. The way the IDE's script editor stores 
breakpoints is so weird and fragile and error-prone that I'm not really 
motivated to support that mechanism. Maybe once the team pays some 
attention to fixing it.

> So you might be tempted to turn on and off GLX2 as needed. Problem is, GLX2 has it's own versioning system  that allows you to go back x compiles to a prior version. The built-in compiler does not know about this, so switching from GLX2 back to the built-in debugger has a surprise for you. It will load a prior version of your script without all the changes you may have recently made.

You're mixing a couple of different metaphors here.
Yes, glx2 has archiving. It can be configured and enabled or disabled 
from the preferences panel.

But that's completely separate from the issue of external editor 
notifications. When glx2 compiles a script it computes an md5digest of 
the script and stores it as a custom property of the object being 
edited. If the stored md5digest then doesn't compare with a computed 
md5digest when the object's script is loaded, you'll see the message 
about some other editor having done something.

But you raise an interesting point...the md5digest is computed when a 
script is loaded... if it's still in memory then there's no indication 
that glx2 needs to refresh the script. That's something to ponder if 
you're switching back and forth between editors.

> Other than that, I like it a lot, especially the clarvoyance feature which presents a popup of similar matches after typing x characters. That is mainly what I use it for, along with the breadcrumbs feature which adds a link to where you were when you clicked a handler to go to that handler.

Yeah, those are my favorite features as well.

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