Vector images?

Todd Fabacher tfabacher at
Thu Oct 29 18:21:32 EDT 2015

I think the purpose of widgets is to add the functionality to an
environment. Microsoft .NET does NOT have native SVG or does JAVA. They all
use libraries or widgets to add the functionality to the platform.

If SVG is important, lets create a widget and be done with it. I agree it
is SUPER important, but it is NOT a core functionality. LiveCode needs to
be expandable, so if there are a group of people who want this, we get
together, raise the money and LiveCode or Monti or Trevor or whoever will
create a fully functioning SVG plugin.

If the community pays for it, it should be open to all. If not or only pays
for part of it, then it will be for sale for $20. I think it is IMPORTANT
that we as a community begin to understand that functionality is added by
widgets and not to the code. If we need or want something, we pay, it gets
moved to the top of the list and it gets done.

I just paid $7000 to get 64Bit Mic version of LC. I will pay $2500 to get
SVG started because it is important to me and the community. If LiveCode or
someone else wants to make it happen you know where to find me!!!

Also, Mark or Monti I am up for $5000 to get FASTCGI started. I think the
huge hole in the LC platform is the cloud. And we can not create a good web
server without FASTCGI. Ralf has done an FANTASTIC job with revIgniter, and
it would put LC on the map if we could get a great server going.

I have been reading about Open Language and all this extra stuff on this
email chain. But the ONLY way LiveCode is going to thrive and survive is by
getting a strong widget system going. That my friends is what businesses
and programmers are looking for today. Without a full array of available
3rd party widgets, LC is dead to the "Young and Restless."  Yes, they
expect it and DEMAND it because today programers just assemble, they don't
code. They are not given the time or the budget to get it done.

--Todd Fabacher

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