iOS - adding to the Info.plist

Ben Rubinstein benr_mc at
Thu Oct 29 12:55:39 EDT 2015

(I'm getting my toes wet in LC development for iOS again, after staying out of 
the sharky waters for a couple of years...)

Is there currently a 'clean' way to add something to the Info.plist for a new 
iOS app built by LC?

So far the best I've managed is to edit the template Info.plist 
("Settings.plist") in the bundle of the LiveCode app, before building it; 
which is obviously fine as long as I'm only working on one app, but liable to 
lead me astray when I move on.

Is there a better way?

If there isn't, could someone tell me what would be wrong with the following 
(obviously if one wanted to do tricky modifications of the existing items in 
the plist it would be more complex, but at least for my immediate requirement 
I just want to add a key)...

Looking at how this works, it appears that we could
a) add an extra "${ADDITIONAL-PLIST_SETTINGS}" placeholder to the settings file

b) add one line to revsaveasiosstandalone.livecodescript/revCreateMobilePlist, 
	replace "${ADDITIONAL-PLIST_SETTINGS}" with pSettings["ios,custom plist 
fragment"] in pPlist

and then it would be up to the developer to add a syntactically correct value 
in the cRevStandaloneSettings of their stack (and for any stack without it, 
the placeholder would just be replaced with empty).

Apart from the fact that a better solution would probably not add new keys to 
cRevStandaloneSettings not known about by the UI, this seems so simple that I 
imagine that either there's something dreadfully wrong with it, or there's 
already a better solution which I just haven't managed to locate yet. Either 
way, please tell me!

Many thanks,


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