AW: What happens when enabling Hi-DPI scaling?

Mark Waddingham mark at
Tue Oct 27 15:58:34 EDT 2015

On 2015-10-27 20:50, Scott Rossi wrote:
> Hold on  -- "useIdealLayout" is a real property?  When l think of all 
> the
> years I wasted fiddling with the design of projects...
> on clientRequest
>    create stack
>    put it into theStack
>    set the useIdealLayout of theStack to true
>    save theStack
>    deliver theStack
>    send "vacation" to me in 5 seconds
> end clientRequest

Haha - unfortunately it is nowhere near as impressive as that!

It causes text (on Windows) to be rendered as a path internally, and 
then painted to the target - this means that it doesn't suffer the 
'changing metrics' problem. It is actually what 'formatForPrinting' now 
sits on (on Windows) - meaning you can actually show a nice accurate 
print preview of layout of a stack without the drawbacks of that mode 
which used to exist (many versions ago).

Of course, I think I just noticed it never made it into the 

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