How script the widget Switchbutton ?

Paul Richards paul at
Tue Oct 27 10:22:37 EDT 2015

Hi Ludovic, 

If when you look at the property inspector for each widget, you will see what options are available (basic TAB - which shows the house icon)

In the case of the Switch,  you can see a property for Switch on (hover mouse over and it will show you SwitchIsOn) 

An possible example of use could be:

on switchChanged pSwitchIsOn
   if pSwitchIsOn is true then 
      answer "Switch Enabled"
      answer "Switch Disabled"
   end if
end switchChanged

Paul :-)

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I play with Livecode 8 dp7. Widget are cool but how use it ? 
If i put a switchbutton on my stack and put this script :

on mouseup
answer the hilite of me
end mouseup

nothing happen.

I cannot find any example in the doc.  


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