recursion limit when creating file list of harddrive

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long time ago i created a program which creates a list of files of  backup cds or dvds and stores that listings in a database with some additional information like cd name/number.
So if the customer needs to know on which cd/dvd a needed fileis,  the database can be searched. This worked fine a long time. But with time the customer used harddrives for the backups.
So they imported now the file listing of harddrives. Even that worked fin. But now with bigger drives and more stuff stored on the drives my program is not able to import the file listing anymore if the number of files/folders exceed a special number. It just freezes.

If i try to create a directory listing of such a drive in Livecode i get an recursion limit error telling me that the recursion limit of 400000 was reached. I tried to increase that limit, but i still get that error, but with the newly set value.

I am using a script snippet which was posted by Scott Rossi to the list and was originally from Geoff Canyon in 2002.

Is there a way to scan a complete drive with LC regardless how many folders and subfolder that drive contains without getting that recursion limit error?



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