What is "Open Language"?

Geoff Canyon gcanyon at gmail.com
Sat Oct 24 18:05:36 EDT 2015

On Sat, Oct 24, 2015 at 5:42 PM, Monte Goulding <monte at sweattechnologies.com
> wrote:

> Well it doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t implement the additional
> variable in repeat. It just means you would need to do so directly in the
> engine. Out of interest I just took a look ant it wouldn’t be that tricky
> to do and at the same time you could support a repeat index variable on all
> the repeat styles. Because of that I’d suggest calling it a counter rather
> than index as index could get confusing in repeat with.
> repeat for each line tLine in tText with counter tCounter
> repeat for 10 with counter tCounter
> repeat with tIndex = 1 to 10 step 2 with counter tCounter
> repeat while condition with counter tCounter
> repeat forever with counter tCounter
> Not sure if I missed anything
> Cheers
> Monte

The beauty of open language (in my dreams, perhaps not the spec) would be

1. No one would have to dig into the engine to implement something like
2. You could release your "counter" version, I could release my "index"
version, and the community would decide which they prefer and go with that.
(or both).
3. And neither 1 nor 2 precludes something like this achieving critical
mass such that the engine maintainers decide to put it in the engine


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