What is "Open Language"?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Sat Oct 24 12:53:30 EDT 2015

Mark Waddingham wrote:

 > Simply put, Open Language is a technology that will mean that LCB
 > libraries and widgets will be able to define english-like syntax
 > rather than being limited to function call / command call / property
 > access syntax.
 > It is a key piece that will not only mean 'third parties' can define
 > english-like syntax but also mean the all the current engine syntax
 > can be very easily evolved and augmented.

Two questions:

1. Do we have a projected timeline for that?

2. Isn't the goal so that we can have 10,000 different, often 
incompatible and sometimes confusing, custom syntax options for doing 
basic things like setting the rect of a button?  :)  (This is why I get 
food thrown at me while speaking at LiveCode conferences)

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