Keeping up to date with

David Bovill david at
Sat Oct 24 03:28:57 EDT 2015

I just upgraded Xcode to 7.1 - and again I get the issue that Livecode does
not recognise this version. I think this has happened every time I upgrade
for the last 6 months. Is there a better way to keep things in sync here?

I think it would be good to have a place where it is documented which
version of Xcode you need to get working with which version of Livecode -
and where to download the version of Xcode you are looking for (it's not
easy to find).

I'm presently downloading Xcode 7.0 in the hope that that will work with
Livecode 7.1 - if anyone has Xcode 7.1 working that would be great to know?

This is where you can find old versions of Xcode:

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