[ANN] "language-livecode" 0.6.0 for Atom Editor

Peter TB Brett peter.brett at livecode.com
Fri Oct 23 11:25:00 EDT 2015

On 22/10/2015 17:38, Bob Sneidar wrote:
> I had typed up an email to that effect yesterday, but deleted it without sending it, because I thought that maybe I was asking too much of the Atom Editor. But if this is what ist should be doing then +1!
> Bob S
> On Oct 21, 2015, at 16:36 , Peter Haworth <pete at lcsql.com<mailto:pete at lcsql.com>> wrote:
> This is probably a question for any Atom experts out there but The
> autocomplete doesn't seem to be working as I expected.
> According to the Atom documentation, autocomplete should include words in
> the file you're editing, so for example if I have a local declaration, it
> should suggest the names of the variables for autocompletion but that's not
> happening.

Urgh, this is pretty broken in the 0.6.0.  I'll file an issue and try to 
make sure it's fixed for the next release.



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