AW: Building a standalone fails under LC6.7.8rc1 and LC6.7.7, but is fine under LC6.7.6

Paul Dupuis paul at
Wed Oct 21 14:18:21 EDT 2015

On 10/20/2015 3:00 PM, Mark Waddingham wrote:
> Can you file a bug report about this?
> There was a little churn in the s/b between .6 and .7.
> One thing to check is you use savingStandalone or standaloneSaved messages. These have caused problems in the past and subtle changes in the s/b has usually triggered them.

Bug report filed:
Simplified sample stack attached to the bug.

topLevel statements in the on savingStandalone handler (or any handlers
called by on savingStandalone) cause the build to blow up. The change
took place between LC676 (builds fine) and LC677 (errors). Present in

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