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Wed Oct 21 10:51:20 EDT 2015

On 2015-10-21 16:44, Bob Sneidar wrote:
> I think that is the whole point behind the preview thumbnail that can
> be attached to the eps graphic. I suppose support for EPS would be
> better if we had a choice of using the preview as opposed to requiring
> a re-render each time the object was drawn.

Well there is no, and has never been any, support for EPS in LiveCode 
(or Revolution, or MetaCard) on any platform other an specific UNIX ones 
a very long time ago.

The 'preview' thumbnails in EPS was more (I believe) so that they could 
be dropped into applications such as DTP programs and you could see what 
your EPS file would look like without the DTP program itself having to 
have a full PostScript interpreter (which have always been quite large 
and expensive to license). Of course, the expectation with such DTP 
programs and such was that you would be printing to a full PostScript 
capable printer which would happily understand the PostScript in the 

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* Whilst GhostScript has been around for a long time it is GPL and thus 
there is no way to bundle it with a commercial program which uses it to 
render EPS/PS without falling foul of the 'significant part of the 
operation of the program' consideration however you slice and dice the 
delivery of the code.

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