Difference between mobilesensorReading, mobileCurrentLocation and locationChanged

Ludovic THEBAULT ludovic.thebault at laposte.net
Sat Oct 17 09:16:48 EDT 2015


I’m lost between these 3 methods to get GPS coordinates.

Why the dictionary put as example :

on locationChanged
   put mobileCurrentLocation() into theLocation
   updateMapPosition theLocation -- update the marker on the map showing the current location
end locationChanged

It is not redondant with

on locationChanged pLatitude, pLongitude, pAltitude

end locationChanged

And if we want to get the coordinates manually, time to time, is mobileCurrentLocation() is a better way than mobilesensorReading(« location ») ?

Also, on android, it seem we cannot start a tracking, stop the tracking then start a new tracking some time later. It’s the first location that is returned… Except if we quit the app
PS : the stack of the GPS lesson (compass-2) crash on android when you do that. (livecode 6.7.7)

Thanks for your lights !


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