Starting off with LC & Raspberry Pi's

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Fri Oct 16 13:42:10 EDT 2015

There was a man at the LiveCode LIVE14 conference that brought his pi, and
was doing sessions on the subject.  I'm sorry but I don't have his name or
any contact details.  Maybe others who attended might remember.
On Oct 16, 2015 1:28 PM, "Earp Robert J." <rjearp99 at> wrote:

> I’ve been tinkering with my grandkids of late getting them going on basic
> electronics (H/W) and mousing around with rudimentary programming.  I guess
> I should have thought at the start that the two would get together at some
> point, but at the beginning it was a case of explaining the fundamentals of
> what I was doing with electronics in the workshop, primarily fixing
> things.  The idea of programming came after discovering the great
> Everything Machine app (from Tinybop) for an iPad which then led to showing
> how the grandkids could use LC to do more stuff.  I figure they need to
> learn how to control the world through the Internet of Things before
> somebody else controls them, not that they don’t need controlling at times
> along with their grandfather ;-)
> The H/W side of things has got to the point of considering adding some
> intelligence and I was going the route of PLC’s, and separately an Arduino,
> but of course programming those is not as fun as in LC or as easy.  So,
> when seeing Monty’s mergeBLE announcement I thought great, the Arduino’s
> and LC can go together.  I’m sure that will be the case in the long term
> but it needs a wrapper around it before us plebes will achieve productivity
> before inept frustration sets in.
> Then through chance I stumbled across Fraser Gordon’s 2013 announcement of
> LC running on a Raspberry Pi which then led me to wonder if that
> combination allows LC to talk to the physical outside world, that is,
> through the Pi’s I/O.   Unfortunately I cannot find much more information
> except for the LC Forum where I can’t find anything fundamental about LC &
> R-Pi’s, but Fraser’s article did say to post questions on this list, so
> that’s why you are reading it here.
> So, here’s some Q’s that I’m hoping somebody can answer, or at least point
> me in the direction of where the answers may be.  Also, if there is a
> better/more appropriate list for this subject, I’d appreciate knowing that
> too.
> Q. Can LC and the Pi’s I/O communicate ?  If so, is that native or through
> an extension ?
> Q. Can you run stand-alone’s on the Pi ?
> Q. LC v6.5.1seems to be the latest version of LC that will run on the Pi,
> which is fine, but is there any likelihood of future releases being made ?
> Q. Is there is a better/more appropriate list, than this one, for the
> subject of LC and Raspberry Pi’s ?
> Q. Can you suggest any more resources to look at ?
> Many thanks, Bob…
> Bob Earp
> White Rock, British Columbia.
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