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Peter Haworth pete at
Fri Oct 16 12:51:35 EDT 2015

I've been using LC8 quite a bit recently in connection with adding support
for widgets in lcstackbrowser.  No experience using it for mobile platform
but it seems to behave itself quite well on OSX, except.....

I've had a number of issues when running in debug mode.  Red dot
breakpoints don't always fire, most commonly when I have stopped execution
in a previous debug session, made changes, then started another debug
execution.  I know this has been a long standing issue for some people but
it's only happened to me very rarely in the past, and then usually in
preOpenCard/Stack handlers where it is a known problem.  Now it happens
much more frequently. I've also found that examining large variables is
painfully slow.  In fact trying to expand an array variable with a large
number of keys often causes LC8 to hang (spinning beachball) with force
quit being the only way out, or even just silently quit.

I don't have reliable recipes to reproduce either of the above so have not
entered QCC reports.

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Home of lcStackBrowser <> and
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On Fri, Oct 16, 2015 at 2:53 AM, Dave Kilroy <dave at>

> Just thought I'd report back my experiences of using LC8 (dp7) in doing
> final
> builds and submission to Google Play Store and iTunesConnect.
> The IDE in dp7 is for me now workable because so many weirdnesses have been
> ironed out - still plenty remaining but I can live with them in the
> knowledge that with each release things will get better. I'm also getting
> used to the new property inspector! Also, it sounds like from other threads
> that the project browser is going to get a makeover making it even more
> useful (ok I already like the project browser - I'm what Jacque calls a
> "vertical person" and prefer it to the application browser.
> Android - dp7 built my app just fine for android and when i uploaded the
> .apk to the Play Store it was accepted no problem and went live on the
> store
> a couple of hours later. Since then the app has been performing fine
> (except
> for things to do with my own design/code/choices). 10 out of 10 to LC8 for
> Android.
> iOS - dp7 again built my app perfectly, I then used Jacque's AirLaunch to
> make an .ipa file (I know I'm lazy but I like using her app to do this
> simple job) - I then opened Application Loader to submit the binary to
> iTunesConnect - and apart from a warning telling me that the .ipa file was
> too big to be analysed before submission everything went smoothly (this was
> a warning rather than an error and I don't think it's a material issue). A
> few minutes later I got an email from iTunes with the customary "Missing
> Push Notification Entitlement" warning (which I'm also ignoring). I clicked
> the 'Submit for Review' button and the status changed to "Waiting For
> Review". So, fingers crossed it seems that dp7 has also performed fine for
> iOS. 9 out of 10 to LC8 for iOS (because of those silly warnings about push
> notification)
> Testflight - currently LC 6.7.8(rc1) and 7.1.1(rc1) have a nice checkbox in
> the standalone application settings dialog box - but LC8(dp7) doesn't yet,
> I
> guess the next LC8 version will have it. However it was the work of 5
> minutes to amend the StoreEntitlements.xcent files as described at
> - I made these changes before I did the final build for iOS - and with it
> done was able to set up internal and external testers for testFlight on
> iTunesConnect. So 8 out of 10 to LC8 for TestFlight (because I had to edit
> plist files)
> So, assuming my app in iTunesConnect doesn't get rejected for some reason
> to
> do with LC8 I think I am now ready to move over to LC8 as my main working
> version.
> For some time I've been using LC7 but now that LC8 lets me build and deploy
> to iOS and Android - as well as desktop and server - I'm moving over!
> How about the rest of you? Any others with positive experiences of LC8?
> Dave
> PS: I'm running Yosemite with Xcode 6.4
> PPS:  I was impressed when trying out my app with TestFlight as the process
> was so smooth (no need for UDID's). In future I think I'll be making use of
> it for iOS as well as the excellent alpha/beta testing features in the
> Google Play Store.
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