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Thank you for this great summary and encouragement for lc8. I'll definitely give it a try soon. This kind of info re strategies for getting apps on mobile, in the store, etc, are really useful.

William Prothero

> On Oct 16, 2015, at 2:53 AM, Dave Kilroy <dave at> wrote:
> Just thought I'd report back my experiences of using LC8 (dp7) in doing final
> builds and submission to Google Play Store and iTunesConnect.
> The IDE in dp7 is for me now workable because so many weirdnesses have been
> ironed out - still plenty remaining but I can live with them in the
> knowledge that with each release things will get better. I'm also getting
> used to the new property inspector! Also, it sounds like from other threads
> that the project browser is going to get a makeover making it even more
> useful (ok I already like the project browser - I'm what Jacque calls a
> "vertical person" and prefer it to the application browser.
> Android - dp7 built my app just fine for android and when i uploaded the
> .apk to the Play Store it was accepted no problem and went live on the store
> a couple of hours later. Since then the app has been performing fine (except
> for things to do with my own design/code/choices). 10 out of 10 to LC8 for
> Android.
> iOS - dp7 again built my app perfectly, I then used Jacque's AirLaunch to
> make an .ipa file (I know I'm lazy but I like using her app to do this
> simple job) - I then opened Application Loader to submit the binary to
> iTunesConnect - and apart from a warning telling me that the .ipa file was
> too big to be analysed before submission everything went smoothly (this was
> a warning rather than an error and I don't think it's a material issue). A
> few minutes later I got an email from iTunes with the customary "Missing
> Push Notification Entitlement" warning (which I'm also ignoring). I clicked
> the 'Submit for Review' button and the status changed to "Waiting For
> Review". So, fingers crossed it seems that dp7 has also performed fine for
> iOS. 9 out of 10 to LC8 for iOS (because of those silly warnings about push
> notification)
> Testflight - currently LC 6.7.8(rc1) and 7.1.1(rc1) have a nice checkbox in
> the standalone application settings dialog box - but LC8(dp7) doesn't yet, I
> guess the next LC8 version will have it. However it was the work of 5
> minutes to amend the StoreEntitlements.xcent files as described at
> - I made these changes before I did the final build for iOS - and with it
> done was able to set up internal and external testers for testFlight on
> iTunesConnect. So 8 out of 10 to LC8 for TestFlight (because I had to edit
> plist files)
> So, assuming my app in iTunesConnect doesn't get rejected for some reason to
> do with LC8 I think I am now ready to move over to LC8 as my main working
> version.
> For some time I've been using LC7 but now that LC8 lets me build and deploy
> to iOS and Android - as well as desktop and server - I'm moving over!
> How about the rest of you? Any others with positive experiences of LC8?
> Dave
> PS: I'm running Yosemite with Xcode 6.4
> PPS:  I was impressed when trying out my app with TestFlight as the process
> was so smooth (no need for UDID's). In future I think I'll be making use of
> it for iOS as well as the excellent alpha/beta testing features in the
> Google Play Store.
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