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Thu Oct 15 12:40:35 EDT 2015

On 2015-10-15 11:08, Monte Goulding wrote:
> Hmm... Even with the view object you would have an issue there. Inside
> the view they would be relative to the topleft of the view and in the
> coordinate system of the stack. If the message is passed it then
> becomes arguable whether the message hierarchy includes the stack the
> view is in and whether the parameters are altered to match the parent
> window (or maybe even parent view) coordinate system.

Well the solution there is that the hosted stack's message path is *not* 
integrated into that of the host stack - the problem then goes away :)

Instead, think of a stackview control as creating a transformed space 
within a stack which is filled by another stack. It is a purely visual 
thing rather than structural.

Stacks can still communicate in all sorts of ways - for example, you 
could have substacks embedded in the mainstack so the messages flow in 
the current way you'd expect; or you could use a library which enables 

Also, there's also the option to add syntax allow a stack to send 
messages to its 'host' - whatever that might be. (This idea of 'host' 
isn't unique to the idea of stackview - exactly the same idea is present 
when you think about embedding a stack in a web-page in the HTML5 

> Can of worms...

Only if you choose a worm-filled can ;)


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