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Mobile app's files specified in the "copy files" pane of the standalone
settings are accessed via "the engine folder" path. You can't open SQLite
DBs in "the engine folder" because "the engine folder" is read-only. There
is no facility to open a SQLite db read-only. Option 1:Copy the db from "the
engine folder" to "the documents folder" and open it there. On iOS make sure
you mark any large files in the documents folder as "no backup" to make it
through the review process. Option 2: Copy the db from "the engine folder"
to "specialFolderPath("cache")" and open it there. The user can clear the
cache so check at each startup to make sure the db is still in the
"specialFolderPath("cache")" folder. There is no size limitation(within
reason) for the cache on iOS as it is not backed up to the cloud.

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I am working on an iPad app and have two SQLite databases that I want to be
stored in the contents of the app itself and not placed in the documents

I am using LC 8.

Q. Under Standalone Application Settings all options are "grayed" out so I
can't select Script Libraries for database and Database Support for SQLite?
Is this not currently supported in LC 8 DP4?

Q: how do you access the SQLite database when it is stored in the contents
of the application? Is there a special path?

I show the package contents of the iPad application and see the Folder Quiz
which contains the SQLite db.


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