scaleFactor strangeness

Mark Waddingham mark at
Wed Oct 14 02:37:23 EDT 2015

On 2015-10-13 22:07, Scott Rossi wrote:
> Many of us tried to do the same thing when the feature was first
> announced.  Unfortunately, you can't really use it for a zoom effect, 
> at
> least not since I last looked into this.  As you've seen, the stack 
> jumps
> around as the scale is changed, and even if you reposition it 
> dynamically,
> the results aren't the best.

The 'scaleFactor' of a stack was implemented for a specific reason - as 
stated in the dictionary:

"Use the scaleFactor property when developing to scale down stacks that 
are larger than the available screen space."

It was neither intended as, nor designed to be used as, a general method 
for scaling stack content which is a somewhat different problem.

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