Custom radio button icons

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Tue Oct 13 19:25:25 EDT 2015

Thanks for all the replies, guys, I've tinkered with them all. I'd 
considered a script similar to Bernd's, but putting spaces before the 
label text works too and is a little easier. I had no idea you could use 
tabs in a button label, and it worked great with one button but had an 
entirely different spacing in another button, so I went back to spaces. 
It's a nice bit of trivia to know though.

I really didn't want to loop through all the buttons on every 
preOpenCard (it's a survey, and every card has tons of them) but it 
sounds like there's no other way if the label has to change for every 

I had to LOL at "iconForceField" and "iconWarpBarrier". That's got to go 
into the bug database next to the "ain't" entry.

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