Movie file in use prevents deletion of folder on external volume Mac OS X

Martin Koob mkoob at
Tue Oct 13 10:23:03 EDT 2015

In my application I can movie  a folder to the trash that has movie file in
it that my application created by using an applescript with applescript's
delete command.
(*I use an applescript to delete it so the file and its contents are moved
to trash,  I tried revDeleteFolder but it just moves the folder to trash and
its contents are permanently deleted.)

This works when the folder and file are on the local hard disk.

On an shared volume I get an error,  "The operation can’t be completed
because the item “” is in use."

The movie had been opened in the player in the application but the player
URL had been changed to a different movie before trying to delete the folder
with the file in it.

So the finder still seems to think my LiveCode app is using the movie file. 
Is there a way to have my application unload the movie so the finder will
allow me to delete the folder containing it?


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