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You can put any file including stacks in that window. Fonts will be automatically loaded. I put my library stacks as well as my main stack in that window. I use a small stub stack to fire up the main stack included in the copy files pane. On mobile these stacks are read-only. They are in a compressed format. If you copy them to "the documents folder" then the stack are writable. I have not done any timing to see if the stacks run faster after extracting by copying them from "the engine folder" to the "documents folder. This also allows you to update a stack without going through the Apple approval process.

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I’m working on an app that I will deploy to iOS and Android as well as desktop. The standalone settings for iOS allow for copying files, but the “Copy Files” window states “non-stack files”. Do this mean that all stacks in an iOS app must be substacks of the main stack?

I tried an iOS test with a number of stacks in the copy files/folders list (with V7.1) and got the “watch” busy indicator, forever.

Hints or advice would be appreciated.

William A. Prothero

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