mobileControlSet "fontname" parameter

Alan Stenhouse alanstenhouse at
Mon Oct 12 14:44:04 EDT 2015

Thanks John + Scott.

So, that doesn’t seem to be any clearer - 2 conflicting reports. I’ve also tried setting it to the display fontname and that works - but only when the postscript name is the same, AFAICS.

I was testing on the simulator with iOS 8.2 and on device with iOS 7.

The fontmap was (I think) introduced with 6.7 but at least here it’s not used.  I guess I should get on and test this with LC7 + LC8…

John, what version of LC did you test with?

Thanks again


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> AFAIK, you do need to use the Postscript name, and the names are case sensitive.  Also, the FontMap addition to the standalone builder allows you to define how a custom installed font name used in your stack maps to the font name on a device.  And I may be mistaken but I believe the LiveCode folks have taken care of the default font mappings already (I believe Mark W commented on this some time back).
> Not sure if this was introduced after 6.7.6 however.
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>> On Oct 12, 2015, at 5:50 AM, John Dixon <dixonja at> wrote:
>> mmm...
>> just tried in with
>>     iphoneControlSet inputID, "fontName", "helvetica"
>>     iphoneControlSet inputID, "fontName", "american typewriter"
>> and it works, in the simulator, anyway...

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