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Well we can certainly come up with a list of the handlers which are definitely part of the API used by the palettes.

I'd point out that the format on disk of the extensions folder and the metadata file hadn't been 'officially sanctioned' as not going to change either... Hence why the IDE indirects through a library with a reasonable api to manipulate such things.

Indeed, having to rewrite code that replicates code in the IDE because something has to be tweaked at a lower-level (eg manifest format, file layout) seems like a lot more work than potentially having to tweak the use of an IDE API.


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> On 11 Oct 2015, at 07:02, Mark Wieder <mwieder at ahsoftware.net> wrote:
>> On 10/10/2015 05:54 PM, Mark Waddingham wrote:
>> I don't think I expressed myself very well in the bug report you filed...
>> The examples for syntax shouldn't use undocumented / ide functions - as it is misleading.
>> The ide functions as yet aren't documented but at some point will be as a 'how to write ide components' reference.
>> However, that being said, there are IDE APIs for accessing all information related to widgets so using those is the best approach for such things rather than writing bespoke code that processes their form on disk and in XML files.
>> The best thing to do is to have a look through revidelibrary and revideextensionlibrary.
> OK. That puts things a bit more into perspective.
> I'm still reluctant, though, to rely on using things I've found while poking around in the IDE stacks without having them officially sanctioned unless there's no way around it. Thus my original bug report on that issue. I would worry that the IDE stacks may get refactored and some of the functions I count on have disappeared. I'm not suggesting that every handler in the IDE should be in the dictionary, but I think I'll keep asking for official sanction before committing function xyz to use.
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