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William Prothero prothero at earthednet.org
Fri Oct 9 19:13:58 EDT 2015

I just got the notice of a new series of learning materials from the mothership, for $75. These materials are derived from the Create-IT course for which I paid about $300. Since I got a year of Indy license, I figured it really cost me $30. 

Anyway, the CreateIt course was pretty buggy and as it progressed into lessons 4 and 5, I got fed up because the code examples they provided were buggy and it was taking me an inordinate amount of time on buggy stuff that I didn’t have time to deal with. The materials seemed to be put together without anybody proof-reading them or reviewing them for accuracy.

Now there is a new course for $75, derived from Create-It materials, that I am offered. 

My question, to the mothership is: have the Create-It course materials been refined and corrected for bugs? I understand that all Indy licenses now have access to these materials. I can get by with this. I also support the mothership in trying to become sustainable. I think it’s a big challenge. However, the help tutorials on the support area are not too bad, but don’t go very far past the very basic. It seems to me that the docs and lessons ought to be put in REALLY good shape, before asking us for more money to access them.

But, it the mothership goes under, we all suffer. I’m conflicted. We really need a dictionary focussed on specific tasks rather than specific commands. I think some of this may be in the works. I hope so.


William A. Prothero

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