LiveCode is not in the Apple App Store!

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Fri Oct 9 12:03:00 EDT 2015

Rick Harrison wrote:
> I was thinking about how RunRev could expand it’s user base,
> and I thought for fun I’d see if it was at least listed in the
> Apple App store for the Macintosh.
> To my astonishment, I found It is not listed there at all!

I don't think you'll find Ruby, Lua, R, or even Xojo there either.   Nor 
a lot of very powerful and popular apps like DiskWarrior, TextExpander, 
and others.  Python's preinstalled, but if it weren't I doubt it'd be in 
the app store either.

Apple's app store is for the subset of apps in the larger Mac ecosystem 
with a consumer focus that can work well within their sandbox requirements.

Developer tools are generally absent from the app store, as are all apps 
that provide utility beyond the confines of the sandbox.  Many other 
apps aren't there simply because some devs find it annoying, or simply 
don't want to cut their revenue by 30%.

Background (many of the other articles these link to are also worth 



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