Building for iOS - which LiveCode with which Xcode? (with which iOS?)

Ben Rubinstein benr_mc at
Fri Oct 9 11:49:21 EDT 2015

Is there by any chance, or could there be, a table showing versions of 
LiveCode will work with which versions of XCode (and build for which version 
of iOS)?

I see messages flow by that LC x.y is having a problem with Xcode a.b, and 
sometimes an answer that you should use XCode c.d instead (or LC p.q)... but 
it's frustrating trying to fish in these pools (the lists, the forums) to 
figure out these combinations (and mostly one just pulls out known-not-working 

Failing a full on table - it would be helpful to just have any reports of 
known-working combinations.  I.e. can anyone report "I am currently 
succesfully using LC x with XCode y and building for iOS z"?



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