App Browser versus Project Browser

Martin Koob mkoob at
Thu Oct 8 09:53:14 EDT 2015

Monte Goulding wrote
> Direct integration between the project browser and the script editor would
> be very nice too. Some kind of context mode in the script editor that
> would switch the script in the script editor to the selected obhect with
> some indication of unsaved or unset scripts on the project browser.. Extra
> bonus points if you can include the project browser directly into the
> script editor as a pane… Very much like how the inspector will change when
> you select an object. It seems reasonable that the script editor could
> have such a mode that would update with object selection via project
> browser or other means.

I like the idea of integrating the PB/AB with the script editor. One feature
I think would be useful as part of this integration would be the ability to
right click on the name of an object in the script editor and have a
contextual menu come up with a 'go to object' menu item that would hilite
the object in the PB/AB pane of the script editor just as when right
clicking on a handler you get the 'go to definition' menu item.  There could
also be a 'go to object script' menu item that would open the script of the
object in the editor.  This would be useful with send or dispatch commands
to be able to jump to the script of the object that it was being dispatched


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