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Thu Oct 8 08:43:05 EDT 2015

I am following this discussion and I have the impression that Project Browser
refers to the one in LC 7.

Ali posted in a different thread (that is why I quote him here)

> There may not be many immediately obvious advantages to the new property 
> inspector, but there are two extraordinarily significant related ones: 
> 1) Widget properties would not work with the old inspector. You would 
> perhaps have to create individual stacks for each widget and have its card 
> copied to the inspector. This is really not practical or viable in the
> long 
> term. 
> The new inspector just requires a few lines of metadata in the widget file 
> specifying what type of editor to use for a given property. Everything
> else 
> happens automatically. 
> 2) The new inspector is *really* flexible for the classic objects. Have a 
> look at this fix for bug 16118 (no way to change a scrollbar's tooltip in 
> the property inspector): 
> We'd like to make it as good and useful as possible. If the worst you can 
> say is you can't see any advantages, then I think the non-obvious ones 
> above make it well worth it ;-) Otherwise it would be great to hear 
> constructive criticism and suggestions for improvement. 
> Ali 

and he speaks of the LC 8 Project Browser.

Looking at the set up of the IDE including the Project Browser I find the
structure of the IDE in LC 8 much clearer and it is easier to grasp what is
going on and on top of it using widgets is fantastic.

Just turn on "Show IDE Stacks in Lists" and have a look at it in the Project

The whole thing is in a state of flux/unfinished and I think that is why
there is soliciting for usability/interface opinions.

I don't think the developers are trying to force anything on the users,
instead they clean up the convoluted structure of the IDE by modularizing it
to a finer degree using Widgets and scriptified stacks.
As that is a work in progress and I am confident that everybody will be
profiting from it.
I consider the LC8 Project browser unfinished.

In LC8 changes to the IDE will be a lot easier and reorganisation of e.g.
Project Browser too. And once the clean-up of the IDE will settle it will be
a lot easier for user contributions.

So in my view a lot of shortcomings of the Project Browser (LC7 and LC8)
have been clearly shown but that is why this discussion is important.

And remember: the engineers are not trying to hurt the feelings of anybody.
But the sooner more people try LC8 and report feedback/bugs the sooner LC8
will be a fully usable version of LC plus a lot more.

in case anybody is wondering what the engineers are doing

Kind regards

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