App Browser versus Project Browser

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Wed Oct 7 23:19:48 EDT 2015

As soon as we get a means to irregularly distort images, I'm all for that


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>On Oct 7, 2015 3:02 PM, "Mark Waddingham" <mark at> wrote:
>> As an indication of community division it might be useful - app
>browser/project browser/indifferent.
>> However, I'm not sure a poll would give us the information we need as it
>is too binary.
>I personally don't like either one.  I rarely open AB or PB unless I'm
>having trouble visualizing where an object exists within layers and
>groups.  I would prefer something like Windows 7 has when you hold the
>Super-key press TAB and all the open applications appear in a angled 3D
>view.  If a stack could do that, and I could scroll through the
>controls in an exploded 3D view, pick and relayer or edit the script of
>objects, it would feel so much more 'real' and even jarvis-like.  Bring us
>a future IDE that feels like it fell out of sci-fi, not just big icons of
>every object in a stack including groups.
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