App Browser versus Project Browser

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Wed Oct 7 17:59:16 EDT 2015

Richmond wrote:
 > Well, all I can suggest is that LiveCode produces a hybrid
 > [ chimæ ra ??? ] and see what the response is . . .

Maybe that would be useful, but maybe LiveCode Ltd. doesn't need to 
build it.

They have a lot of smart people writing C++ in ways beyond the skills 
and experience of most members of our community.

But this is true of most of the great scripting languages:  R, Python, 
Lua, PHP, and others - they all have rather small teams working on their 
engines, but what makes them truly great languages is the scope of 
scripted tools and libraries their communities share.

The one thing we know about LiveCode scripters is that they enjoy 
scripting in LiveCode.

Would it be so crazy to have a community-managed fork of the IDE?

For a while even Ben used to suggest that as an option between major 
versions.  And right now the team at LiveCode Ltd. has already made 
changes to the IDE which are version-8-dependent, so there's no 
affordable way to backport to the current product version anyway.

Is this a good time for you, or anyone with sufficient time, interest, 
and skill, to modify the IDE?

Why not have exactly what you want?

Like the inventor of the engine used to say back where there were three 
IDEs with talk of more: "Let a thousand flowers bloom."

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