How can I get a high-res image into LC?

tbodine bodine at
Wed Oct 7 10:21:46 EDT 2015

There is still no import feature of SVG vector graphics. (And the EPS import
is very limited and old.)

The "Roadmap" says: "Vector Shape Object Use widget framework to write this
control."  So, like the multimedia player object, SVG is in LC8 limbo. Note
that the bare info. in the roadmap blurb does not specify import, export or
even SVG. So it's hard to know what to expect, though the LC8 DP has some

If you are up for an adventure, I believe the LC8 DP has a widget into which
you can paste the SVG path information of a drawing, if you can get a hold
of that data. LC8 also has a widget with the vectorized FontAwesome icon
font, which enables you to easily make scalable button graphics. But all
that is over the LC8 horizon unless you are willing to make your project
with a developer's preview version.

Maybe the Global Jam will result in LC8 shipping soon. Hope so. 


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