Basic grouches about LiveCode 8

Richmond richmondmathewson at
Tue Oct 6 13:22:51 EDT 2015

On 05/10/15 22:36, Richmond wrote:
> 1. I seem unable to GROUP a single object.
> This is a real pain if one wants to do an IMPORT SNAPSHOT with a drop 
> shadow.
> Importing the button as a button, rather than within its own group 
> means one loses
> 2.  The Application Browser is present in LiveCode 8, but is 
> inaccessible from the Menus in the IDE.
> As I use the Application Browser a lot of the time I have written a 
> 'Patch Stack" that will place a button
> on the revMenuBar stack to access it:
> File and screenshots.
> Love, Richmond.

Having spent the day working: Hey, mainly spent threading coloured beads 
with the 4-7 year old crowd: easily one
of the most pleasant ways to make one's living!

I returned home to see LiveCode 8.0.0. DP7 build 2, but as the 
*Application Browser* was still *inaccessible* from the menuBar
all I did was blow a big, wet, noisy raspberry at the monitor.

Anyway, having had supper I will go hunting for those things that all 
the whizz-bang LiveCoders who do clever things with
LiveCode miss but still affect how people like me [think school teacher 
who wants to do more than flipping PowerPoint].

Wet, faintly obscene noises, Richmond.

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