Further regression of the Pirate Code Dots

Charles Warwick charles at techstrategies.com.au
Mon Oct 5 00:08:47 EDT 2015

>> I just tried to reproduce that one myself in LC 7.1.0 and LC 8.0 DP5, but
>> the breakpoint was
>> triggered every time without requiring an answer dialog.
>> Do you have a simple example stack I could try?
> I just uploaded it.  This is the script of the stack;
> *on* preOpenStack
>   *local* a, b, c

Ah, this is with "preOpenStack", not "openStack”.  That is why I wasn’t noticing the issue.

Using your uploaded stack the hardcoded “breakpoint” line triggered the debugger every time before the answer dialog for me.  It did miss the red dot though.



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